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    With many years of experience with wedding ceremonies and destination weddings all across the nation for many years, it's important to get to know you, develop a foundation, and find out as much as possible about your love story and when each person met.

    For wedding ceremonies, destination weddings, or whatever else you need, find someone that will capture your vision. Whether it be an extravagant formal wedding, a modest vow exchange, or an elopement.

    While crucial, having a lovely location, a delicious cake, lovely flowers, and fantastic music does not make the ceremony itself significant. The ceremony is the most significant event of the day, thus it must be written and performed with sincerity, love, and attention.

    You and your fiancé may have a unique, customized celebration created by an outstanding engagement officiant who has years of experience officiating destination weddings around the nation.

    What kinds of ceremonies and events are available?

    Non-religious, ceremony rehearsals, vow renewals, civil unions, and more.

    What are common religious affiliations for matrimony?

    Agnostic, Anglican, Baha'i Faith, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Earth-Based Episcopalian≤ Evangelical, and many more.

    On average how long are wedding ceremonies usually?

    Between 20 to 30 minutes long.

    What is the cost for ceremony rehearsals?

    The average cost in 2019 was around $1,900.

    Parts of a Wedding

    The Processional

    Your close family and wedding party will now walk down the aisle and either take a seat or assume their positions on each side of the altar.

    Words of Welcome

    The officiant will deliver a few words of welcome after everyone is seated. The celebrant may greet everyone and express gratitude to witnesses for witnessing your union.


    The speaker will introduce themselves and share their views on marriage. This might be a succinct account of your love affair, some reflections on what marriage means to you, or a remark about the upcoming ceremony and what it signifies.


    Readers will then be brought forward to say a few words if your ceremony includes any kind of readings. You might have your officiant introduce each reader and reading, or you could let the transitions between readers happen spontaneously.

    Officiant Addresses Couple

    The speaker addresses you and discusses the duties of marriage as well as the sacredness of the vows you are about to make.

    Exchange Vows

    The two of you will alternately recite your vows once the readings have been delivered.

    Happy People


    "We received so many compliments about how special and meaningful our ceremony was. Many of our guests said it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever witnessed."


    "My loved ones and friends continue to compliment our wedding ceremony. It was uniquely tailored for the two of us and could not have been more incredible and tender!"


    "Most importantly he was incredible sweet, supportive and professional. He made copies of all our paperwork and license and made sure we knew what to do with it all."