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Latest reviews for Unforgettable Wedding Ceremonies Premier Wedding Officiant Services 5/5.0 stars (50 reviews)

Could not have asked for a better ceremony today. Couldn't ask for a better husband or better best friend. Also could not have asked for a better man to have married us other than Stephen Seymour. Highly recommend this guy if you plan on getting married :) as rainy as it was, it was a perfect day
Stephen Seymour did a fantastic job as our officiant. Not only was he wonderful the day of the wedding, he was exceptionally easy to work with leading up to the big day. He was always helpful and responded promptly to my emails. My husband and I only spoke to him a couple of times before our wedding and he was still able to put together a beautiful ceremony. He captured our love story perfectly, which shows how much he cares and listened to everything we said. I was really happy with our choice of Stephen and he did not disappoint!
Stephen Seymour is truly a darling. He really made our secular ceremony unique and made us feel like it was the best day that ever happened or ever will happen. I would recommend him to any couple with a sense of humor! Plus he suffered through technical difficulties with us during our first meeting and didn't charge extra xD
Stephen is so amazing at what he does. We procrastinated finding an officiant for our wedding and even though he another ceremony just an hour before ours (luckily only minutes away!) he agreed to do our wedding. After watching countless videos and looking into every officiant online I knew I wouldn't regret it. When we met with Stephen he began with all the typical questions about how we met and the like, but continued to delve deeper into our relationship to find out what makes us "us". Our ceremony was so perfect, more than we could have ever asked for. There are a few things I would do differently if I could go back and redo our wedding day, but choosing Stephen is not one of them!
We had an amazing experience with Stephen! We chose Stephen Seymour as our officiant and could not have been any more pleased! We had an initial meeting on Skype that lasted well over an hour. He was very personable and sincerely interested in our love story and what brought us together. We laughed with him and really connected, I think I even cried talking to him on Skype LOL We spoke a few more times leading up to the wedding and he was always prompt to respond to all my questions. We had a couple special requests for our ceremony and he sent us an outline of everything to review prior to the big day. On wedding day, he delivered a beautiful ceremony, had the humor I was looking for in a pastor and truly made me feel like he enjoyed himself and was happy to be there. He has kept up with us since on FB and is just an overall sweet, precious man! Go with Stephen, you won't regret it!
It only happens once in a great while when someone comes into your life for a special event, and you can automatically tell it was meant to be. That is what happened when we met Stephen at Starbucks in Nashville, TN. Dressed to impress, Stephen walked in and immediately wanted to get to know the ins and outs of my wife ( Amanda ) and I's relationship. He began by asking the traditional questions about how we met and where we plan on going in our journey. By the time we had finished telling him our love story, his reaction said it all, you could tell he was attached. He told us how deeply moved he was by our story and promised us a ceremony we would never forget, and he did not lie in the slightest. Stephen worked with our hectic schedule to make sure that everything went as smooth as possible. During the rehearsal, we went step by step on how things would progress during the ceremony to make sure it was perfect. When it came time for the ceremony to start, Stephen began to speak the most beautiful words I have ever heard come from anyone. This was no ordinary speech, this was not a speech coming from someone who was just looking for a paycheck. No, these were the words coming from an honest man who had invested his time into two people and their love for one another, focusing on every little detail they had mentioned to him when telling him their story. The words were perfect, said with sincerity and mixed in with a little humor, Stephen had portrayed our life and our love without missing a single detail. Not only did he deliver it with power and compassion, he delivered it with a message to everyone there, to appreciate every moment we are given. I would recommend Stephen to anyone who is looking for more than just an Officiant because he is more than just that. He is an honest, caring, loving and genuine human being. In other words, you are getting much more than a great Officiant, you are going to receive a lifelong friend. Thank you, Stephen!
Stephen, your words were so beautiful. We knew the minute we started talking with you at Starbucks that you were meant to be a part of our wedding. The way you wrote our ceremony couldn't have been more perfect Thank you for making our big day one we will remember and cherish for the rest of our lives.
We couldn't have asked for a better, more caring and professional officiant than Stephen. He was like family and very attentive throughout the entire process. He took the time to get to know my fiancé and I and learn about our love story so he could put together the perfect ceremony. We are forever grateful for the beautiful service and friendship we made with Stephen!
Never have I experienced faster response time from somebody. If every vendor/supplier could be like this... If you choose Stephen you will rest assured that he will be there, be on time, and CARE about your day. We eloped and in only meeting him for 30 min, made us feel like we had made a friend. You've got a winner here, folks!

It was such a pleasure meeting you and having you as our officiant. Chris and I had a unique experience and you were more than accommodating! As you know, the "great snow of 1/16/2018, almost stopped the show! But you were gracious enough to allow Chris, myself, and our photographer the opportunity to trek up your snowy, icy hill and get hitched! You were a trooper in 14 degrees of snow and cold air! The vows were beautifully created and made our day extra special. We thank you so much - and have repeated this story all week!!
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