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Stephen made this process so easy and comprehensive. He feels like a part of our family now because of his great ability to connect with couples and make you feel like the center of his world. He devoted so much time and energy to making us a personal and special ceremony. Our guests were blown away by his ability to engage everyone and make them laugh and cry (happy tears!!). He even offered his feedback and recommendations on local Nashville vendors. He takes his time and is always prompt to reply to any questions or concerns his couples have. I would highly recommend Stephe
Stephen writes beautiful vows written especially for your personal love story. I would highly recommend Stephen and am so glad he performed our ceremony.
Stephen Seymour was our wedding officiant and I can't say enough about how wonderful and special he made our day! Our ceremony was perfect and beautiful! He spent a lot of time with us before our wedding getting to know us and asking us questions about our relationship so he made sure he wrote a ceremony special for us. It was perfect and he made us feel so calm and relaxed on our day! We can't thank him enough for everything!
Stephen thank you for making Audra and Evan's wedding so much more amazing. We were blessed to have you there.
Stephen thank you for being a part of our wedding last weekend. It's amazing that in one short meeting and a few emails you can get such a good read on a couple. Your words were written as though you had been a long time family friend.Your injection of humor kept everyone engagaed in the ceremony. It was apparent after meeting you, that you were the obvious choice to perform our ceremony and then you exceeded every expectation. Thank you again!
Thank you so much Stephen, you did an awesome job at our wedding.
Stephen Seymour is truly the best! If you want the most unique, touching and memorable ceremony you could ever imagine, he's your guy. I have had the privilege of seeing many of his ceremonies being in the industry I am in. I didn't even have to wonder who I wanted for mine and Matthew's day. Thanks Stephen!
Thank you Stephen for an "unforgettable ceremony". The day was perfect in every way!
LOVE Stephen Seymour! We had a destination wedding in Nashville, TN in December and leading up to our wedding we were all located in separate states. Stephen got us on Skype and spoke with us for hours going into our love story and creating such a special bond. He wrote a gorgeous ceremony for us and his charisma and love shown through in every part of our ceremony. Pick Stephen as your officiant for a truly special experience!
Since my husband and I hadn't yet found a home church in Nashville at the time of selecting an officiant for our wedding, I leaned on our wedding coordinator for recommendations. She sent me a list of about 5 ministers, and among that list was Stephen Seymour. My fiance and I met with Stephen at a local coffee shop and spent nearly two hours getting acquainted. Stephen wanted to know every detail of our story of how we met and fell in love and why we were certain it was a love that would last forever. He took meticulous notes, filling up the front and back of a piece of paper. After our meeting, I knew that I wanted Stephen to officiate our wedding but I was a little nervous at the cost of his services so I reached out to another minister on the list that was significantly cheaper. Not five minutes into our meeting with the other minister (which only lasted 20 minutes, btw) did I know that he didn't even hold a candle to the charisma and sincerity that Stephen would bring to our ceremony. If you've read other reviews for Stephen, they are accurate, he is the BEST! Nothing about the ceremony he curated for us was cookie cutter, it was obvious he took time to craft a ceremony that was unique and true to us. I'm glad that we met with the other minister if only to reiterate the true value of Stephen Seymour!
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