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Latest reviews for Unforgettable Wedding Ceremonies Premier Wedding Officiant Services 5/5.0 stars (50 reviews)

Stephen Seymour is just the best!!!We had so much fun and if I could go back to the ceremony and relive it over and over I totally would!!! It was so personal and fun and I can't wait to see some photos!! My friends and family just raved and raved and raved about how awesome our ceremony was. How personal it felt and how they could tell that you actually cared about us, our love and really believed in our commitment!! It was not false or forced. It was like the 3 of us were just having a conversation about the love and bond that Mark and I share!! It really touches my heart and makes me so happy that others can see that too and that our love is evident and not silent!!!
Our officiant, Stephen Seymour, was great! He wasn't like the other officiant we had met with that had basically given us 3 different options of cookie-cutter wedding ceremony readings. He actually took the time to meet us and learn our love story. He asked several questions to get to know us better and even took notes. The week before the wedding, he sent me an email detailing what he would be saying throughout our wedding ceremony. I am a perfectionist and thought that I would need to send a few changes back to him, but when I read it, I was shocked to find out that I had absolutely no changes at all to make. It was perfect because you could tell that he took the time to write it based off of what he had learned about us as a couple. Our guests loved him, and one of my bridesmaids even said she plans to use him as her officiant for her future wedding! Stephen is as great as they come, and we would 100% recommend him to any future couples getting married.
It's hard to pinpoint exactly why he was so great for the wedding, because its mostly about how he acts as a person that makes him so like-able! This man is so sweet, laid back, optimistic, but honest & professional. I enjoyed all the time spent working with him & my husband really like him as well. He was affordable, made us comfortable, gave great advice, and offers so many styles of officiating to ensure the wedding is exactly how you want it. FANTASTIC!
Mr. Seymour was the best. He has such a pleasing disposition and is very humble. He did a fantastic job officiating our marriage and everyone loved him. All my guest complimented how great the service was. He gave us exactly what we wanted, listened to us and made the ceremony ours, not a cookie cutter ceremony by any means. He is wonderful to work with, attentive and a very genuine person. The kinda guy you would like to have as a friend. Thank you so much, we couldn't have done it without you!!!!
We'd like to say a belated "Thank You!" to you, Stephen, for performing a wonderful wedding ceremony for us! Everything that day was perfect and the humor and personal touches you added to the ceremony helped to make for many memorable moments for both Christina and myself.
I've been to a lot of weddings and must say Stephen is a thousand times better than any other officiants. He's extremely friendly, and speaks with such a clear and warm voice. I had the pleasure speaking with him after the ceremony and you can tell he truly cares about his clients. I have a lot of friends getting married and I recommend him to all of them!!
We were married 10/21 in Nashville, TN as a destination wedding. We met with Stephen only through Skype once before but he truly did an AMAZING job at the ceremony. He made the ceremony very personal and related it back to our love story. He was very professional and well spoken and we had so many compliments after the wedding on the job that he did. I can't say enough great things about Stephen. I am so glad we found him and we would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks again for lifelong memories!
Looking for someone who really gets it? Someone who can get to know what makes your love story special, and convey that in your wedding ceremony? Want someone who will literally be Unforgettable?

Look no further. Stephen is the real deal. Stephen took the initiative to really get to know my wife and me. He asked the questions and listened, using what he learned from us to craft a beautiful ceremony. Throughout it all, he was patient and kind. Stephen is an absolute joy to work with and a fantastic person all around.

Not only did he deliver as advertised, he went above and beyond to answer questions we had about the wedding process. We will always remember how charismatic and delightful Stephen is. We can’t recommend him enough!

Thank you Stephen for all you’ve done for us!
Awesome service!!! Dependable,,, helpful,, professional, friendly.. Top notch officiant in Nashville!
He made a hand written personalized ceremony for our day! It was the best!
Stephen is the one to call on if you are looking for that special added piece to your ceremony! You won't be let down that's for sure!
Stephen is an amazing person with lots of compassion, love and respect for the couples whose lives he unites. He really takes the time to sit down with each couple and get to know their love story, their hopes and dreams for the future, their ceremony needs and dislikes etc. This time he spends is not just for show, it is reflected in his personalized ceremony. Stephen captured in our ceremony and vows the very essence of our love, the nuances of our humor, and exposed the subtle aspects of our personalities. Our family and friends loved how charismatic and thoughtful Stephen was as our officiant. I don't think there was a single person that did not both shed a tear and laugh within a 5 minutes span. Some people might forget their wedding ceremony after a few years. Not us. Stephen created one of the most memorable moments of our wedding. Just speak or meet with him once and you will find out how much he invests and takes pride in his work. Any couple would be lucky to have Stephen as their officiant, that I can say without any doubts.
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